Desk Systems

Phase Electric Desk System

  • Proudly Australian Made and Designed
  • Height Range: 620mm – 1270mm
  • Design: Low Profile Foot on C Leg / Modern Square Edge Design Profile
  • Warranty: 10 Years on Components / 5 Years on Electrical
  • Weight Rating: 160KG on Straight / 240KG on Corners and 120 Degree
  • Speed: 38mm per Second Travel
  • Safety: Piezo Anti-Collision Built In
  • Controller (Standard): Paddle Up/Down Drive, 2 Memory Positions, LED Diode Reminder, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Controller (Premium): Paddle Up/Down Drive, 4 Memory Positions, LED Diode Reminder, Bluetooth connectivity, Height Display
  • Connectivity: Desk Control App (for iOS and ANDROID)
  • Autodrive Feature: Desk Auto Drives to a preset height by itself (Using the App)
  • Colours: Any Dulux Powdercoat for the Frame (Internal actuators will be either white or black)
  • Frame Configurations: Straight C Leg, Straight T Leg, Back to Back, 120 Degree, Corner
  • Accessories: Segregated Cable Ducting, Leg to Screen Brackets